Beyond Fitness Consulting (BFC) was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Park.  Jeremy is the co-owner of pillarPERFORMANCE, a successful personal training and Pilates facility in Encinitas, California.  Jeremy has owned the facility for over 6 years, and has been working as a strength and conditioning specialist for over 10 years.  Jeremy has always been passionate about helping people make life-altering changes to positively impact their physical health.  However, in an effort to reach a greater population, and to incorporate the spiritual guidance that he feels is so necessary, he started Beyond Fitness Consulting.  To read a full bio, click here.

Vision Statement

Beyond Fitness Consulting is here to expose the world to a deeper understanding of health and physical fitness that goes beyond the self-motivated ideology of the mass-market fitness industry to an approach that recognizes our responsibilities as God’s children and the role that our physical health plays in reaching the world with God’s love.

What We Do

Beyond Fitness Consulting seeks to aid individuals in reaching greater levels of physical fitness through education, accountability, spiritual guidance, solid programming, and motivation.  In order to achieve this for the greatest number of people possible, BFC incorporates a number of different facets to its program.


Beyond Fitness Consulting utilizes a blog to bring information to the masses.  Topics on the blog vary, from exercise advice and health tips, to Christ-centered spirituality and thought-provoking questions.  My hope is that the blog will be a springboard for people to dive deeper into their journey to both better physical health and spiritual health.  Click here to visit the Blog.


BFC offers a range of Partner Programs to provide a more personalized service to individuals.  These fee-based programs offer personalized exercise and nutrition programs, as well as ongoing support and accountability.  This gives you the support and expertise of a personal trainer at your fingertips, but at a price that’s affordable for everyone.  BFC also offers family-centered exercise programming, for those individuals who are on this journey together as a family.  BFC also offers home-school fitness programs as well.  Click here to view our programs in more detail.

Live Speaking Engagements

Approaching the topic of health and fitness from a Christ-centered perspective is at the heart of what BFC is all about.  Jeremy desires to share that passion to groups of people by offering a seminar titled “Going Beyond Fitness”, a 40-minute to 1 ½ hour talk offered to churches and catered specifically to the group size and demographic.  This seminar will be both philosophical and practical.  It will touch on how a healthy physical lifestyle walks hand-in-hand with a healthy spiritual life, the debunking of myths and quick-fix schemes, and will give practical ideas for each individual’s exercise journey going forward.  This seminar will be for group sizes from 1 to 1000.  For more information on how to take advantage of this opportunity, click here or visit the Programs page.  Click here for more information.

Media Resources

BFC offers a free gallery of exercise images to reference for individual exercise regimens, as well as videos to assist individuals in testing progress and to increase knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of health and fitness.  Click here to access our media library.

Please come along as we take this journey to Beyond Fitness together.