Featured Exercise: 1-Leg Bench Squat

Featured Exercise:  1-Leg Bench Squats

Primary Muscle Groups:  Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes

Secondary Muscle Groups:  Hip Abductors, Hip Adductors

The 1-Leg Bench Squat is a great introduction to the more advanced, 1-Leg Squat.  Able to be performed anywhere there is a chair, bench, or bed, this particular exercise is a great way to make your lower-body exercise routine a little more challenging without adding any extra resistance beyond your own body weight.  In addition to the benefits of the regular squat, the 1-Leg Bench Squat challenges the stabilizing muscles of the knee and hip, improving tracking of the kneecap and helping to avoid conditions such as osteochodritis and patelofemoral syndrome.

Strengthen the leg and hip in a way you’ve never done before!

Standing in front of a bench, flex one hip to 90-degrees so that you are standing on only one leg.  With your foot flat on the floor, hinge the torso forward at the hips and bend the knee and flex the hip, bringing yourself to a seated position on the bench.  Inhale as you come down.  Exhale as you extend your hip and knee, returning to standing position.  Make sure that knee does not come farther forward than the toe and your back stays neutral as you come down to seated position.  Repeat this movement for the required number of repetitions, then switch sides and complete the exercise on the other leg.

Recommendation:Start with 8-10 repetitions on each side.  Perform 2-3 sets.  Discontinue the exercise if it places too much stress on the knee.

Going Beyond Fitness

Why is it so difficult for me to get and stay physically healthy?

What is the right way to exercise for me?

So many people tell me so many different things; who do I believe?

What role does our spiritual life play, if any, in our physical health?

Improved physical health and fitness is not achieved overnight.  It is more like a journey, involving peaks and valleys, steps forward and steps backward, growth and progress, education and support, and most importantly, time.  I look forward to walking with you on this journey, and together we can go Beyond Fitness.

Welcome to Beyond Fitness!

Friends!  Welcome to Beyond Fitness, a home where you can come to get information, application, accountability, and spiritual guidance to help you along your journey towards better health and physical fitness.  My mission statement is as follows:

Beyond Fitness Consulting is here to expose the world to a deeper understanding of health and physical fitness that goes beyond the self-motivated ideology of the mass-market fitness industry to an approach that recognizes our responsibilities as God’s children and the role that our physical health plays in reaching the world with God’s love.

My focus with this blog will be providing useful health and fitness-related information that you can implement into your own personal fitness journey.  I would like to make this blog as interactive as possible.  I welcome feedback as far as what kinds of information you would like to hear, what topics you feel you need to learn more about, and how better I can help you achieve your goals.

You can read more about me and my background on the About page.  You can also learn more about the programs that Beyond Fitness Consulting has to offer to give you a more personalized experience on the Programs page.  I will also be updating the website with images and videos that will assist you in your exercise regimen, which you will find on the main menu as well.

Let’s create a community dedicated to not only improving our own personal health and physical fitness, but to improving the lives of the world around us in the process.  Please help me by sharing this blog with family and friends.  Come join me!