Online Family Fitness

(Online Family Fitness Training)

Does health and physical fitness need to be a priority for the whole family? Do you want to exercise as a family? Not sure how to organize a program that all ages can do together? The Beyond Fitness Family Program will be the perfect tool. While not an individualized approach like the Partner Program, the built in accountability and bonding found in the Family Program ensures a collective dedication to the importance of health and exercise in the family and provides experiences and memories that go beyond just the physical.

Here’s what you get:

  • One-time initial evaluation and consultation discussing goals, needs, and programming
  • Ongoing personalized family exercise program adjusted weekly incorporating exercises the whole family can do together
  • Ongoing family nutrition advice
  • Regular email correspondence for accountability and ongoing feedback (twice a month at a minimum)

Cost: As low as $99 per month! (3 month minimum)

Program Options

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