Question of the Week #6/ Nugget of the Day #2

Question of the Week #6What role does prayer play, if any, in improving physical fitness?

Nugget of the Day #2Vigorous physical activity burns an average of about 10 Calories per minute.  Obviously this varies depending on the age and weight of the individual, but this is a good ballpark figure to use when estimating the impact of your exercise sessions.  Just remember, shopping at the mall for an hour is not “vigorous exercise”.  If you aren’t breaking a sweat, it isn’t vigorous.  Adding this to the knowledge that 1 pound of body fat contains approximately 3500 Calories, then it would take 350 minutes of vigorous exercise alone to burn 1 pound of body fat if no dietary modifications were made.  This is just under 6 hours of exercise to lose a pound of body fat if you didn’t make any adjustments in your food consumption.  To some this probably sounds like a lot of exercise for only 1 pound.  Two things you need to understand from this:
1: Food control is extremely important when attempting to drop body fat!  Adding a calorie deficit to the extra calories burned can safely double the rate of body fat loss.
2: It takes time!  If you are engaged in both a regular exercise program and a calorie-restricted nutrition plan, a reasonable expectation for body fat loss is 1-2 pounds a week.  Any amount more than that means that you’ve either quit your day job and become an Olympian in training or become a monk and have taken up fasting every day.  If the package or the infomercial says “lose 5 pounds a week”, someone is trying to sell you something!


Question of the Week #5/ Nugget of the Day #1

Question of the Week #5:  What is a reasonable time-frame for reaching optimal physical health and fitness?  90 days?  6 months?  1 year?  More?

Nugget of the Day #1:  A pound of body fat contains approximately 3500 Calories of energy.  That means to burn 1 pound of body fat off of your body, you need to expend 3500 more calories than you consume.

I am introducing a new item to the blog called “Nugget of the Day”.  I will include little pieces of information that you can log in the brain and will help you along the way in your journey to optimal physical health.  Enjoy!


Nutrition Challenge #2: Potato Chips vs. Apple

Nutrition Challenge #2: Substitute an apple for that bag of potato chips.

When it comes time to grab that snack, and the rack with all the bags of chips is calling your name, grab an apple instead.  Here’s a quick comparison:

Calories: Potato Chips (150 cal) – Apple (95 cal)
Fat: Potato Chips (10g) – Apple (0.3g)
Sodium: Potato Chips (180mg) – Apple (2mg)
Fiber: Potato Chips (1g) – Apple (4.4g)

Now to put it in terms that most people can resonate with.  Make this substitution each day and you will lose nearly 6 pounds of body fat in a year.  That is without changing a single thing.  No exercising.  Just one small dietary modification can make a huge difference!  It will also decrease your risk for heart disease, lower cholesterol, and decrease the risk of bowel related diseases.  Minor modifications add up to major results!