Workout #5: CrossConditioning

Squat + Row (Cable or Tube) x 25 reps
Run ½ mile (or walk ¼ mile fast, bike 1 mile, or elliptical ½ mile)
(Perform each exercise back to back, then repeat 3 times for 4 sets total)

Perform 25 reps of the Squat + Row exercise, then run for 1/2 mile.  If you can’t do the run, then walk for 1/4 mile, bike for 1 mile (outside or exercise bike), or use the elliptical trainer for 1/2 mile).  Intensity should be moderate.  Repeat this circuit of 2 exercises back to back 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds.  By the end you will have performed 100 Squat + Row and run 2 miles (or walked 1 mile, biked 4 miles, or done the elliptical for 2 miles).

This is a great workout combining muscle strength and endurance work with cardiovascular conditioning.  Do the workout with limited rest, work hard, and have fun!


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